Science & Innovation

Out of this world Kiwi thinking

New Zealand’s unique location, conditions, and out-of-the-box thinkers are seeing Kiwis shooting for the stars in a global space industry that’s worth billions.

New Zealanders have long had a habit of turning out of this world ideas into reality, particularly when it comes to Space! Here are three ingenious Kiwi space collaborations that are unlocking knowledge, pushing boundaries into the stars, and making life here on earth better for all of us.

KiwiStar Optics - Unlocking the universe.
KiwiStar Optics are global leaders in precision optics for astronomy. They make some of the planet’s biggest lenses for telescopes that are unlocking the secrets of the universe at leading observatories all around the world. They design, manufacture and install everything from one-off optics to complete optical systems. Their astronomical projects have been helping astronomers to capture and split starlight in countries like Chile, USA, Australia, South Africa, India and Spain.

Rocket Lab - New Zealand's space programme.
Founded by Peter Beck in 2006 Rocket Lab has grown to become an internationally recognised player in the space industry and are global leaders in dedicated launch to orbit for small satellites. The satellites they build, and launch are keeping countries connected, they're monitoring weather and managing waste, they're providing insights on climate change, and helping us manage resources for future generations. By unlocking the potential of space, they are making a tangible difference to life back down here on Earth.

NASA & New Zealand - The mission is go!
Air New Zealand is partnering with NASA and climate scientists on a world-leading environmental science mission. Using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reflectometry receivers on their planes, Air New Zealand will be providing valuable environmental science data to NASA. This technology can help monitor climate change indicators such as drought, flooding and coastline erosion. Through this partnership New Zealand's world-class engineers, scientists and researchers can advance global understanding of the impacts of climate change.

Looking for somewhere with out of this world thinking? We know a place.