Making New Zealand
known for more
good things

Resources to help Kiwi businesses share their New Zealand story on the world stage.

Our New Zealand Advantage

Your story will be every bit as unique as your business. But when you weave in the values that make us unique as a country, that’s when it becomes a New Zealand story. Tapping into what makes us special will not only help you drive demand for your business, it will help make New Zealand famous for more good things. And that’s good for us all. That’s why we’ve developed tools, insights, workshops and more, to help you share your story with the world.


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New Zealand Story Group has been set up to enhance New Zealand’s reputation beyond natural beauty. In a competitive global economy, reputation matters. And it’s important for a country like ours, with an economy that relies on the strengths of its exports, to continue to grow and diversify. The more we can do to ensure we’re all telling a broad, compelling and aspirational story about New Zealand, that’s grounded in our values and resonates with the world, the greater chance we have of attracting people to all that we offer. Put simply, we need to make New Zealand famous for more good things.