Sustainable Futures

Changing travel for good 

UBCO has created the world’s most robust electric motorbike taking farmers and outdoors enthusiasts one step closer to being silent, safe and carbon neutral.

As the world transitions to a green energy future, UBCO is electrifying the off-road and heavy-duty end of the utility vehicle market. Their goal is to make adventure more accessible to everyone and connect with our environment in ways that are light touch, respectful, and sustainable.

Farms have long been the domain of diesel utes and loud farm bikes. And it’s probably the last place you’d expect to see a clean, green, electric bike doing the down and dirty jobs the old farm bike does. 

But thanks to a robust design and persistent innovation, UBCO’s fully electric, all-wheel drive, off-road motorbike is fast becoming a hit among an eclectic group of riders: farmers, wildlife rangers, postal services, and delivery fleets. And it’s proving to be just as capable – if not more – than its petrol counterpart. 

The reason: the UBCO bike is a zero-emission, super quiet, lightweight and robust motorbike that anyone can ride. With a top speed of 50 kph you don’t need a motorcycle license, and with a range of 120 kilometers there’s plenty of power.  

UBCO was invented in 2014 by New Zealand e-bike enthusiasts Daryl Neal and Anthony Clyde who had a vision to replace the noisy, greenhouse gas-emitting bikes used on farms and in the great outdoors. Since then, the bike has exploded in popularity in Australia and the USA among outdoor adventurers, hunters, fishers, and farmers, as well as tourism operators and delivery firms.  

UBCO’s sustainability appeal is obvious. With companies wanting to reduce their emissions and noise pollution, EVs are the answer. UBCO bikes are designed to significantly reduce both carbon emissions and operational fuel costs with up to 97% in CO2 emissions and operational fuel costs during use.  

UBCO’s lightweight construction and 2x2 powered wheels reduce the engine size requirement and all models have a removable/swappable battery. UBCO’s Life Cycle Thinking means they also take responsibility for the full life cycle of the product, from the raw materials and the energy used to create the product, through to the packaging, distribution, use, maintenance, and eventually recycling, reuse, recovery, or final disposal. 
Still less than 10 years old, UBCO has already expanded its range to include on-road and cross-over versions.