For any exporter, building trust and authenticity with both consumers and distributors is becoming more and more vital. The FernMark Licence Programme helps promote and protect New Zealand products on a global scale. The programme gives licensees the right to carry the FernMark as a simple way to authenticate your connection to New Zealand and at the same time, leverage the positive reputation associated with New Zealand for your product or service.

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Promoting Trust & Authenticity

When Licensees use the trademark FernMark together with their unique licence number to promote their products and services, it authenticates their connection to New Zealand. And as the FernMark is a registered trademark in 13 countries across 44 classes, it provides an added layer of legal protection in key export markets. 


Any business wanting to be part of the programme needs to meet the eligibility criteria and submit an online application together with a list of products or services they want to licence. All applications are audited by the NZ Story Group to ensure each licensed product or service is 'born of New Zealand'.

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