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Omeo Technology - Grab life by the wheels!

Ogo Technology mobility devices are taking the world by storm. Designed in New Zealand, they combine unique problem-solving with technology and innovation to give their users freedom and independence. Looking for a place where ingenuity knows no bounds? We know a place.

When patternmaker and inventor Kevin Halsall saw how his friend Marcus struggled with sports, he was motivated to act. Marcus is paraplegic, restricted to a wheelchair but free to use his his upper body for outdoor pursuits like archery, hunting and fishing. The only problem: wheelchairs don’t travel so well across beaches and bush.

Kevin got inventing and over four years developed the Omeo, a multi-award winning personal mobility device. The electric-powered Omeo provides freedom and independence by making previously inaccessible places available to millions of wheelchair users.

Whilst the Omeo is neither a medical device or health product, there is little doubt the Omeo has greatest appeal to wheelchair users who proclaim physical, mental and spiritual benefits. “We don’t feel like we are in a wheelchair and we don’t feel disabled” is very powerful evidence that the Omeo is a pioneering mobility device.

So exactly how does it work? The Omeo changes the accepted thinking behind personal transportation with its patented Active Seat Steering system. This allows the user to control forward, reverse, braking and steering with their torso – hands-free. The torso acts as a joystick engaging often unused core muscles. Alternatively, the Omeo can be driven by moving the torso through leveraging the arms and hands gripping the handles, or by operating the small joystick.

This is mind-to-machine in action, so intuitive, the Omeo follows your will to go places.

With around 1.5% or 13.5 million people in New Zealand, Australia, North America, Europe, UK and Scandinavia using wheelchairs, and with the ageing population growing at an appreciable rate, the Omeo is game changing technology that has the potential to bring about life changing experiences for millions of people around the world.