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Local, global heroes and celebrities tell New Zealand’s Inside Stories

27 Jun 2018
By New Zealand Story
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28 June 2018, Movie stars and chefs and scientists are among the local and global celebrities featuring in a new film series that celebrates New Zealanders’ unique contribution to the world.

‘Inside Stories’ features interviews with famous and not so famous people, including actors, artists, chefs, entrepreneurs and innovators who share their perspective and stories about what makes New Zealand amazing.

‘Inside Stories’ has been created by New Zealand Story, the Government agency charged with promoting the country’s reputation and the lesser known stories of New Zealand. New Zealand Story commissioned agency Many Minds and production company EXIT Films (under the direction of Felicity Morgan-Rhind) to produce the Inside Stories series.

Rebecca Smith, Director of New Zealand Story says New Zealand already has a well-deserved reputation for outstanding natural beauty, but there is so much more to what makes New Zealand a good country.

“These are New Zealand’s inside stories; tales that can only be told by our people and those who interact with us,” Smith says.

“To get a realistic picture of this country’s contribution to the world, we knew we’d have to look far and wide. We couldn’t tell the real New Zealand story by just recounting one or two of our successes. We knew we’d need to talk to hundreds, if not thousands of people who have played a part in our global success. So, that is what we have done.”

New Zealand Story has interviewed expats and every day Kiwis, as well as world-famous fans of New Zealand, such as Hollywood actress Bryce Dallas Howard and Bollywood heart-throb Sidharth Malhotra. The interviews have uncovered stories about food and wine, culture and invention, technology, business, kaitiakitanga and creativity.

Rebecca adds, “But, we haven’t finished yet. We need more New Zealand storytellers: people who can help us show the world just how truly amazing New Zealanders are. Anyone who contributes to New Zealand is a potential storyteller.”

The films will be used online across New Zealand Story channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with the aim of showing the fresh perspective that New Zealand brings global consumers, buyers, visitors, students, migrants and workers.

The films are also available to Government agencies and New Zealand export businesses who can use the content within business meetings, events and presentations where help is needed to reinforce the unique attributes that sets New Zealand apart from other countries.

Rebecca adds, “We encourage all New Zealanders to help spread the word by liking, commenting and sharing the Inside Stories series with the world."

"Ultimately we want to build a nation of storytellers!”



Watch New Zealand’s Inside Stories series here:
Global Film: 
Ingenuity Film: 
Food & Beverage Film: 

The Inside Stories film content can be downloaded from the NZ Story toolkit:


New Zealand Story has been set up to enhance. New Zealand’s reputation beyond natural beauty. In a competitive global economy, reputation matters. And it’s important for a country like ours, with an economy that relies on the strengths of its exports, to continue to grow and diversify. The more we can do to ensure we’re all telling a broad, compelling and aspirational story about NZ, that’s grounded in our values and resonates with the world, the greater chance we have of attracting people to all that we offer. Put simply, we need to make New Zealand famous for more good things.