Case Studies 17 Oct 2021

Hummingly: The Kiwi duo forging a new path for managing crisis and disruption

The last 18 months have been a global whirlwind, with COVID-19 causing mass disruption to the way people, businesses, governments, and nations operate. However, for Kiwi duo Elizabeth McNaughton and Jolie Wills, providing accessible support in times of adversity has been front-of-mind for over two decades.

Case Studies 09 Sep 2021

Lanaco: Flying the FernMark on the Tokyo Olympics stage

In 2011, the founders of New Zealand filter technology company, Lanaco, spotted an opportunity to disrupt the...

Case Studies 07 Sep 2021

The Clinician: Improving healthcare sustainability with FernMark-backed digital solutions

“The world needs a more sustainable healthcare delivery model”, argues Ron Tenenbaum, CEO of Auckland digital...

News 08 Jul 2021

New Zealand Story Appoints New CEO

We're delighted to announce the appointment of David Downs as CEO of New Zealand Story.

Case Studies 16 Jun 2021

SCULLYS: From humble beginnings to household name

Located in Bulls on the West Coast of the North Island, SCULLYS is the epitome of a local Kiwi business set...

Case Studies 20 May 2021

RedShield: The cybersecurity company embracing New Zealand’s authenticity with the FernMark

It’s a well-known business mantra: people like doing business with people they like. And, according to Diane...

News 16 Mar 2021

Launching the New Zealand Dairy Story

New Zealand is a great source of dairy for a sustainable diet. With our natural advantages and unique...

Case Studies 22 Feb 2021

Trust Codes: the FernMark and QR code representing Kiwi provenance

What’s more powerful than using the iconic, trusted FernMark to convey a New Zealand product? For many Kiwi...

Case Studies 17 Feb 2021

Skyline Luge: Expands Asian footprint with South Korean luge opening May 2021

New Zealand’s accolade as the world’s adventure capital is getting a further boost in Asia, with the newest...