News 16 Mar 2021

Launching the New Zealand Dairy Story

New Zealand is a great source of dairy for a sustainable diet. With our natural advantages and unique combination of values as a country – care, ingenuity and integrity – New Zealand is ideally suited to making one of the essentials of a healthy diet – MILK.


22 Feb 2021

Trust Codes: the FernMark and QR code representing Kiwi provenance

What’s more powerful than using the iconic, trusted FernMark to convey a New Zealand product? For many Kiwi...

17 Feb 2021

Skyline Luge: Expands Asian footprint with South Korean luge opening May 2021

New Zealand’s accolade as the world’s adventure capital is getting a further boost in Asia, with the newest...

Case Studies 07 Dec 2020

Book Me Bob: Kiwi chatbot company seals business deals with the FernMark

The iconic FernMark has unlocked major international contracts for Kiwi chatbot company, Book Me Bob. 

News 02 Dec 2020

Promoting Our Kiwi Ingenuity

Showing off isn’t in the Kiwi DNA, but sometimes there is a time and place to spin a good yarn about the...

Case Studies 19 Nov 2020

Noopii: The eco-nappy changing the world “one baby bottom at a time”

The entrepreneur behind one of New Zealand’s first organic cotton feminine hygiene product range, has now...

News 15 Nov 2020

Promoting New Zealand’s Ingenuity story on the world stage

The Ingenious Together films feature interviews with famous and not so famous people, including actors...

News 23 Sep 2020

MADE WITH CARE: Sharing our Food and Beverage stories with the world

MADE WITH CARE is a global campaign designed to grow awareness, preference and demand for New Zealand food...

News 23 Sep 2020

There’s never been a better time to leverage your connection to New Zealand

Consumer trust and safety are important considerations right now around the world. With New Zealand products...