Business Tips 02 Nov 2022

Research highlights shifting global perceptions of New Zealand as the world grapples with geopolitical, economic, and environmental issues

New Zealand Story has released its latest qualitative research into global perceptions of New Zealand, guiding exporters to help navigate changing global views as the world moves on from the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses and consumers in nine key markets were surveyed to understand how global audiences perceive New Zealand.

Australia’s changing view of New Zealand - Progressive, inclusive and increasingly admired

Knowing how Australians perceive us will help New Zealand businesses make the most of the opportunity that…

Research highlights shifts in how key trading nations perceive New Zealand as the world reopens

Find out how perceptions of New Zealand have shifted over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business Tips 18 Mar 2020

Show us the proof: for Germans ‘clean and green’ is just the start.

German consumers love New Zealand and are surprisingly informed about our history and culture. But don’t…

Business Tips 21 Aug 2019

Why a new food collaboration is flying the FernMark in China

Why a new food collaboration is flying the FernMark in China. How does a household New Zealand food brand…

Business Tips 11 Jul 2019

Mexico is changing… and that’s good for New Zealand business.

A thriving and expanding middle class population within Mexico is creating more opportunities for New Zealand…

Business Tips 09 Jul 2019

New Zealand Ranked 11th in the FutureBrand Country Index

Another year, another country ranking, and another top result for New Zealand. We’ve almost become…