Case Studies 22 May 2023

Justin Soong – the space to think creatively

Justin Soong first came to Aotearoa New Zealand from Singapore as a young international student. He loved it here so much that he never left, and now heads up Authsignal, the cybersecurity tech start-up he founded in 2022.

Case Studies 22 May 2023

Dan Liu – encouraging innovation at every step

Quality Assurance professional Dan initially moved to Aotearoa for New Zealand’s great nature environment as...

Case Studies 15 May 2023

Orion Health: New Zealand technology reimagining the healthcare experience

At the most influential global health information technology event of the year, Orion Health launched a...

News 10 May 2023

Recruitment Storyteller Campaign Launches to Attract International Talent

New Zealand Story has launched Recruitment Storyteller, a new campaign aimed at helping businesses in the...

Case Studies 23 Mar 2023

Zealong: New Zealand’s best-known premium organic tea brand

Since 2009, Zealong Tea has been making its mark as the only commercial tea estate in New Zealand, and one of...

Case Studies 19 Mar 2023

Tidy: Growing New Zealand’s reputation for technology exports

Founded in 2010 when cloud-computing was not a widespread service in New Zealand, Tidy discovered its niche...

News 18 Jan 2023

The power of the silver fern

The silver fern is recognised internationally as the symbol of New Zealand but what does it actually mean...

Case Studies 30 Nov 2022

PTN Innovation: Using Kiwi ingenuity to go above and beyond

PTN Innovation is a poultry solutions business that puts sustainability, quality, care, and innovation at the...

News 09 Nov 2022

UBCO’s embrace of New Zealand’s ‘hunger for adventure’ helps win Brand Storytelling Award

UBCO, the Bay of Plenty manufacturer of electric adventure vehicles, has been recognised for its Excellence...