Case Studies 19 Mar 2023

Tidy: Growing New Zealand’s reputation for technology exports

Founded in 2010 when cloud-computing was not a widespread service in New Zealand, Tidy discovered its niche providing lightweight ERP (enterprise resource management) software in a market of heavy and expensive alternatives.

18 Jan 2023

The power of the silver fern

The silver fern is recognised internationally as the symbol of New Zealand but what does it actually mean...

Case Studies 30 Nov 2022

PTN Innovation: Using Kiwi ingenuity to go above and beyond

PTN Innovation is a poultry solutions business that puts sustainability, quality, care, and innovation at the...

News 09 Nov 2022

UBCO’s embrace of New Zealand’s ‘hunger for adventure’ helps win Brand Storytelling Award

UBCO, the Bay of Plenty manufacturer of electric adventure vehicles, has been recognised for its Excellence...

Case Studies 07 Nov 2022

The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co: Providing credibility to natural, New Zealand-made products

Friends and business partners Jacqueline Taylor and Amber Cordero came up with the concept for their natural...

Business Tips 02 Nov 2022

Research highlights shifting global perceptions of New Zealand as the world grapples with geopolitical, economic, and environmental issues

New Zealand Story has released its latest qualitative research into global perceptions of New Zealand...

News 11 Oct 2022

Te ao Māori features in new film to support Kiwi organisations reconnecting globally

New Zealand Story has today launched a new film to help promote our unique national values to global...

Case Studies 03 Oct 2022

Meadow Fresh: Boosting our ‘New Zealand’ brand internationally with the FernMark

Born in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island, Meadow Fresh was founded with the purpose to create healthy...

News 30 Sep 2022

Punching above our weight: brand New Zealand stronger and more valuable than ever

New Zealand’s brand value shot up 13% from 2021, according to global rankings released overnight. Brand...