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FingerMark, a Kiwi tech export success story

15 May 2018
By Sarah Morgan

Digital technology company Fingermark says New Zealand’s place in the world gives a cultural edge to kiwi entrepreneurs, thanks to the FernMark.

Luke Irving, CEO of the Havelock North hi-tech business says Fingermark creates technology that gives businesses data “they never knew they needed” – all with the backing of the FernMark, which helps connect them with top brands all over the world.

Fingermark’s high potential US export strategy centres around collaboration with global tech giants. Together they solve problems for four of the top ten biggest fast food brands in the world. “We are seen as innovators in this space from the likes of Intel, NCR and other global tech companies. Our collaborations are helping us walk into some pretty big board rooms.”

Walking with them is the FernMark. Irving says Fingermark’s export triumphs are the result of a New Zealand flair for problem solving. To mark that Kiwi spirit, the brand uses the FernMark country of origin logo in its marketing and branding.

It’s the easiest way to explain your origins. The fern epitomises New Zealand and New Zealanders. It sets us apart from other entrepreneurs because anyone can come up with a ‘bleeding edge’ business idea, but Kiwis are great at taking an idea and scaling it for multiple markets.

Adept at using the kind of digital tools that may sound Greek to most, Fingermark leverages computer vision, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence to remove business bottle necks, drive efficiencies and ultimately, grow bottom lines for businesses around the world.

“Imagine having a huge data set that could give restaurant staff­ additional time to prepare for an incoming influx of customers who would otherwise end up queuing out the door. Our digital technology becomes the eyes and brains of the restaurant, alleviating these pain points.”

Fingermark’s cornerstone products are outdoor digital signage solutions for fast food brands. But its technology also extends to data-driven cameras and self-service technology that aggregate data across di­fferent points in restaurants, giving real-time insights to help make immediate operating decisions.

Irving uses a local analogy to explain the value proposition. “If you look at Team New Zealand, data won us that cup. It was amazing execution of the technology and sailing, but it was the data insights that shaped the decisions and tactics.”

Havelock North brains making waves in California; that’s international business with Kiwi grit.