See Tomorrow First
See Tomorrow First
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Technology is one of New Zealand’s largest export earners and continues to grow rapidly, but global awareness of our strength and capability remains low. 

The New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story, See Tomorrow First, is an international marketing initiative created to present a compelling and consistent story that we can use to grow awareness of our amazing tech capability globally. It was developed and tested with input from hundreds of New Zealand tech businesses both domestically and internationally.

The purpose of sharing our Tech Story with the world is to build New Zealand’s reputation as a hi-tech nation in order to grow our tech exports, attract investment and talent, and inspire the next generation.

As well as an offshore awareness-building campaign, the See Tomorrow First initiative includes a suite of free sales and marketing tools the whole tech sector can use to align messaging with our national story, and support offshore marketing activities.

Find out more about the New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story at

The Story Concept

What is the story?

It’s not about what we make, but how we make it. Our Tech Story is about the values New Zealanders bring to creating technology: we feel a responsibility to create a tomorrow future generations will thrive in. Our industry is making the kind of tech that will create a better tomorrow. In short, we ‘see tomorrow first’.

We know from international testing that this message resonates with our target audience offshore. The See Tomorrow First initiative is an opportunity to facilitate the continued growth of the New Zealand Tech Sector.

Using the Story

Use the See Tomorrow First messaging and tools to align your marketing activities with our national Tech Story. This will enable you to leverage the offshore campaign, and contribute to a broad halo effect that will benefit the entire sector.

The way you use the tools will be dependent on your business needs. It could be as simple as including the See Tomorrow First logo in your pitch decks, incorporating some of the messaging into your elevator pitch, or using the hashtag #seetomorrowfirst when posting online.

Here are a few ways you can make use of the toolkit:

• Use the free icons and graphics to help illustrate your tech solutions
• Use the infographics to support and strengthen your tech story
• Use a See Tomorrow First zoom background on your next call, or add the logo to your company’s backgrounds
• Incorporate your own brand and imagery into the social tile templates to share your latest news online
• Use the See Tomorrow First presentation template when creating your next pitch deck
• Use the digital advertising photoshop templates to promote your next event or activity
• Add a banner or See Tomorrow First logo to your email signature
• Include a See Tomorrow First email banner in your next eDM

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The See Tomorrow First story has been created to be flexible enough to sit alongside your brand and support your own activity. If you would like further guidance on how to use the assets, please
get in touch with the Tech Story team.

Campaign Badge

This is the ultimate tool for including your business in New Zealand’s Tech Story, and aligning with the campaign activity offshore. You can use it in your presentations, zoom backgrounds and email signature. You can include it on your website or on your business cards. The more this badge appears, the more successful the campaign will be, and the more our tech sector will benefit from its success.

Brand Guidelines

Our brand is how we express ourselves to the world. This guide shows the parts that make up our identity and should be treated with care and consideration in every application. It has been designed to have flexibility and adapt to be appropriate to each application.

Marketing Messages

Have a read of the See Tomorrow First key messages and see which ones resonate most for your business. It could be that you have a collaborative way of working that your customers love, or that your company offers a fresh, challenging approach that sets you apart from your competitors. It could be that your tech was born global, or your solution is all about the openness, trust, and stability that New Zealand is already known for.

These messages were created off the back of our global research, so we know they’ll hit the mark with customers, investors, and talent in offshore markets. Incorporating them will help strengthen and unify the overarching message of the New Zealand Tech Story.


We have created a series of videos that capture the essence of our Tech Story. They have been designed for you to download and use in your own campaigns.

Share the videos via social media as an effective way to build awareness and engagement with a wide-reaching audience.

Embed on your website to provide an overview of the industry and a wider context of what Aotearoa New Zealand has to offer to support your individual company offering.

Use them in presentations and at events. 

Presentation Template

We know creating presentations with visual impact is time consuming, so we’ve created a template that does the work for you. Adapt the See Tomorrow First PowerPoint template to suit your needs, or use the zoom backgrounds on your next call for instant impact and alignment.


Tech can be hard to illustrate visually. Choose from our library of images to supplement your own marketing. All the images tagged ‘See Tomorrow First’ are free for you to use offshore – remember to check the licensing terms before using in any paid or unpaid media. For all other images, check the licence terms for usage. Growing this library is an ongoing part of this initiative, so if you have feedback on what you’d like to see, please get in touch with the Tech Story team.

Graphic icons

Tech concepts can be difficult to convey with images so we’ve created this collection of ready-to-use graphic icons to illustrate and add impact to documents, presentations, or websites.


Back up your pitch with facts. These infographics illustrate key aspects of New Zealand’s unique tech and innovation offering, and will be updated regularly.


Email is an incredibly effective marketing tool for tech businesses, and using these assets is an easy way to be part of the New Zealand Tech Story. Add these to your email signature, or include a banner in your next eDM. Don’t forget to link them to the Tech Story website

Social Tiles

We’ve created both ready-to-share and create-your-own templates for you to use. You can incorporate your own logo and choice of text and imagery into the templates. Include the #seetomorrowfirst hashtag when posting online so we can amplify your message.

Inspiration: Social Media

We’ve worked with Xero to show how the social tile templates can be used. Use these examples to see what it might look like when using your own brand.

Use Digital Advertising

You can use your own logo, imagery and text in these templates, and then use them on your own website or partner websites, or even use them in a digital promotion for your business.

User Guide

Use this guide to help your tech business leverage the national story and campaign to supercharge your export activity. The more See Tomorrow First is used by our tech community, the greater the impact it’ll have offshore – repetition will help build our reputation.