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World famous musicians, DJs, and photographers are using technology created in New Zealand to help them sound better, be more creative, and work more easily and efficiently.

Whether you want to learn to drum or play the keys, become a talented DJ or improve your photography, some very smart people in New Zealand have created technologies to help creative people all over the world do just that.

From the world’s most famous artists to those just starting out in their bedrooms – musicians, photographers, and more are improving their creative skills thanks to these New Zealand based software companies.

Melodics. A new way to learn music

Practice makes perfect and when it’s fun to practice, then perfection is at your fingertips – literally. Designed in New Zealand, Melodics is a desktop and iPad app which teaches users to play MIDI keys, finger pads, and electronic drums. Melodics helps those starting their music journey through to seasoned pros looking to advance their techniques. Musicians of all ages and levels across the world have built their skills with Melodics’ cross-genre lessons and real-time feedback, all designed to help budding musicians find their flow and level up.

Serato. As name-dropped by Kanye

At any given moment, Serato features in the top ten music charts globally. Their products have changed the face of music and have been name-dropped by none other than Kanye West. Music lovers around the world have been using Serato’s audio software since 1999. It’s a name known internationally and a product used by some of the best musicians around the world. It sparked from an idea in New Zealand to help people make the music they love more easily. Now they have a community of millions of DJs, producers, engineers and musicians across 190 countries. From bedrooms to studios, to festivals, Serato’s software is helping superstars, and those dreaming to be one.

Narrative. Giving photographers less screen-time and more lens-time

With digital cameras photographers can take hundreds of shots in just a few minutes. But looking through them all for the perfect shot can take days. The average professional photographer spends four days behind a computer for every one day behind the camera. Kiwi company Narrative didn’t think that was right, and developed AI software that helps weed out images that just won’t work. This gives photographers more time to spend doing what they love – taking photos and creating memories, and less time behind a computer.

Looking for a place helping the world become more creative? We know a place.