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Who's Changing Water Travel For Good?

We’ve all heard about New Zealand’s innovations in the America’s Cup, but that’s not the only development in the New Zealand marine sector. There are more projects in the works that will change water travel for the good of the planet.

New Zealand has a long history of innovation in boat building, and this legacy continues to be shared in workshops throughout New Zealand. Faster and cleaner ways to get across the water are being pioneered – all in the pursuit of zero emissions.

Every harbour city is trying to decarbonise. Here are three New Zealand organisations that are taking on the challenge by combining zero emissions with high performance – transforming the way we’ll travel.

Emirates Team New Zealand – Powered by Hydrogen

When you’ve designed a boat that literally flies across the water, you need something that can keep up with it. That’s why Emirates Team New Zealand designers are working on a hydrogen-powered foiling chase boat to support an AC75 throughout an America’s Cup campaign.

With the support of the Challenger of Record Ineos Team UK, it’s possible that all chase boats and support boats in the next America’s Cup will be hydrogen powered. This will significantly reduce the amount of fossil fuels usually consumed across these events.

EV Maritime – Making Good Ferries

Auckland-based EV Maritime is building one of the first fully battery-electric fast ferry fleets. Commissioned by a consortium consisting of Fullers Ferries and Vector Energy, the EV Maritime vessels will ply the waters around Auckland.

Special features include fast charging, using batteries on floating pontoons; America’s Cup foiling tech to lift the hulls out of the water, allowing them to travel faster; and the introduction of a ‘smart’ network, using GPS to control speed and scheduling – good news for both commuters and the environment.

ZeroJet – tenders that love the planet

ZeroJet’s mission is to eliminate the need for combustion engines on small watercraft. No pollution, no noise. Just you, the ocean and a rechargeable battery.

They’ve started by making the world’s lightest electric jet tender using the first jet propulsion system to be designed specifically for an electric motor. It’s an innovation that delivers the perfect balance of performance and runtime. The super low profile of the jet system allows it to beach easily and skim over shallow reef ecosystems. They’re the little tenders that love the planet. 

Looking for a place finding faster, cleaner ways to travel on water? We know a place.