Stories for Good

New Zealand has a lot of good stories to share. We have stories of unity and diversity, stories of welcoming and care. We have stories of New Zealanders doing great things in their communities and on the world stage. Here is a collection of some good New Zealand stories. Become a #nzstoryteller to share some of the good with the world.


Over 200 different ethnicities call New Zealand home. There are 98 Māori Iwi (tribes) and a quarter of all people who call New Zealand home were born overseas. New Zealand is a nation that celebrates diversity and welcomes people from all over of the world. 


“We have a collective responsibility to our land and to our future generations, and that comes from a word in Māori we call Kaitiakitanga” – Cliff Curtis 

Māori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. Traditionally, they believe there is a deep kinship between people and the natural world and that all living things are part of their family.  

This connection is expressed through Kaitiakitanga. It’s about caring for the planet, and its children, as you would your own family, for generations to come. 


“For Māori, the most important thing is to look after people. It is the art and gift of Manaakitanga” – Rewi Spraggon

Manaakitanga is a behaviour that acknowledges others as having equal or greater importance to you, expressed through aroha (love), hospitality, generosity and mutual respect. By treating others this way all parties are elevated, status is enhanced, and unity is built through humility and the act of giving. 


Over 160 languages are spoken in New Zealand. There are three official languages. Te reo Māori the indigenous language, New Zealand Sign Language and English. The government has a goal of 1 million Kiwis speaking te reo Māori by 2040, and the number of multilingual New Zealanders continues to grow. 

Share the good.