Science & Innovation

Predicting the world weather

Who would have thought New Zealand would be predicting the world weather? 

MetService is New Zealand's longest-standing scientific organisation, providing weather forecasts and severe weather watches and warnings to keep New Zealanders safe. MetService is also a New Zealand export success story working internationally under the name of MetraWeather and is a member of the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organisation, WMO.

MetService is an internationally respected science company that supplies meteorological intelligence and data visualisation to energy, media, transport, resources, industry, infrastructure, and retail sectors worldwide. Think Al Jazeera, Morrisons, Tesco, Viva Energy, Rocket Lab, the All Blacks, and even NASA!

From managing supply and demand for supermarket goods to keeping the ports of the world safe here are three examples of MetraWeather in practice.

Intelligent Food
Tesco and Morrisons, two of the UK's major supermarket brands work with MetraWeather on modelling the correlation between weather events, demand, and shelf life.

MetraWeather's forecasting and prediction modeling are helping Tesco reduce food waste across their stores and Morrisons commissioned localised weather reporting for stores across the UK. Correct weather predictions can mean millions in revenue when it comes to extreme weather events like heatwaves, where barbecues and ice-creams fly off the shelves.

Floating boats 
MetraWeather works with ports around the world to make them safer and more productive. By combining advanced numerical weather prediction, meteorology, and oceanographic forecasting MetraWeather can deliver real-time forecasts.

Viva Energy uses MetraWeather in 14 of its Australian ports to make sure vessels safely enter and exit the harbour. The forecasts are so accurate and localised that ships can sail with only centimetres of under keel clearance.

Watching Weather
If you catch your weather news on Al Jazeera, ABC Australia, TG4 Ireland or via New Zealand broadcasters you’ll be viewing a data visualisation created by Weatherscape XT, MetraWeather's data visualisation technology. Weatherscape XT keeps audiences informed, engaged and most importantly safe.

So, if you’re wondering whether you should pack an umbrella or put on some shades… we know a place.