New Zealand Music Month

Celebrating 20 years of New Zealand Music Month

From Benee to Crowded House, New Zealand is full off talented musicians that usually pop up all over the world. In the past year, 104 Kiwi artists played 1,440 shows across 45 countries. Covid-19 has meant that many of our talented musicians have pressed pause on their tours, but you can still press play on their music from the comfort of your own home.

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May marks New Zealand Music Month, a month dedicated to celebrating our vibrant and diverse music community. This year, in partnership with the New Zealand Music Commission, we’ll be bringing you a song a day throughout May so that you can build your own bespoke Kiwi playlist.

Turn up the volume, dim the lights, pretend you’re front left, and press play from wherever you are in the world.

New Zealand Story Music Month Playlist 

1. JessB - Pon It

2. Myele Manzanza - I'm Moving On (Live) 

3. Reb Fountain - Don't You Know Who I Am

4. Church & AP - War Outside

5. Nadia Reid - Get The Devil Out

6. Jonathan Bree - In The Sunshine

7. Tami Neilson - Queenie, Queenie

8. CHAII - South

9. Marlon Williams - Come To Me - Live At Auckland Town Hall 

10. Ulcerate - Stare Into Death and Be Still

11. MELODOWNZ - Fine

12. BENEE - Lownely

13. The Beths - I'm Not Getting Excited 

14. Jawsh 685 - Laxed (Siren Beat)

15. Theia - Celebrity

16. Hans. - Empties

17. Devilskin - Corrode

18. eleven7four - Where It Hurts

19. Molly Payton - Corduroy

20. Noah Records - Pua Malia

21. Janine - 3AM

22. The Naked and Famous - Death

23. Gin Wigmore - Hangover Halo

24. Aron Ottignon - Goanna Funk (LCAW Remix)

25. City of Souls - CRUELTY 

26. Mild Orange - First Taste

27. Team Dynamite - Who?

28. Alayna - Sugar

29. Chelsea Jade - Superfan

30. Delaney Davidson - Stolen River

31. Balu Brigada - nice to have someone to miss

If you’re looking for beats that are world-beating … we know a place.

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