It's time you had a Kiwi summer

When it’s all snow, dark days, and freezing cold in the northern hemisphere, there’s something magical happening in New Zealand, which will blow your mind.

If you’ve never experienced a Kiwi summer, then you need to get to New Zealand. Quick. And when you get there, you’ll know it’s happening when…

  • Pōhutukawa trees: You see the vibrant red blooms of the native pōhutukawa trees. They line the shores of North Island beaches and are a visual tell-tale that it’s time to relax.
  • Road trips: If the cities are empty, it’s summer. Kiwi disappear from their urban environs and pack up the car for road trips near and far, usually accompanied by laid-back tunes.
  • Barbecues: There’s no one inside. Most things during a Kiwi summer are done outside, especially the cooking. In fact, they refuse to eat anything that isn’t cooked on a barbecue or wrapped up in a newspaper.

  • Jandals: The wearing of jandals is totally acceptable anywhere, from 5-star eateries to weddings. You might know them as flip-flops, thongs, or pluggers – but in New Zealand they’re jandals. In fact, they were invented there. Japanese sandals made out of rubber = jandals. Genius.
  • Water: You’re never far from the water. Be it a beach, lake, or river. And there’s boating, surfing, sailing, surfing, water skiing, surfing, and some more surfing to be done. Or just lie on the beach, relax, and watch some surfing.
  • The outdoors: From camping to backyard cricket, you’ll find you’re always outdoors. And you’ll probably have an ice cream in your hand too. Try the Hokey Pokey flavour – you’ll be hooked.
  • What day is it: You’ll quickly forget what day it is. It won’t take long to lose all sense of time and place. The only thing you’ll know is whether it’s day or night and if there’s a cold drink ready to go.
  • Music: What’s all that music? Kiwi love theirs, and there are festivals a-plenty to enjoy. They’re held in vineyards, parks, lakes, beaches, and forests. Wherever they can set up a stage, there’ll be a band playing. And if there’s not a festival happening, there’ll be a stereo pumping on the beach or a sing-a-long with a guitar (after the barbecue of course).

So, if you’re looking for a one of a kind summer that can’t be beaten… we know a place.