Kiwi Space Innovators Shooting for the Stars

New Zealand is at the leading edge of the space race and is the fourth largest player in the world. They boast ideal launch sites, a nimble space agency, a culture of innovation, and are committed to sustainable space innovation.

Space is big business. The $350 billion global space industry could surge to over $1 trillion by 2040 – no surprise really when we rely on things like satellites daily. They help us to navigate our route to work, check the weather, and to binge watch our favourite shows. Here are three New Zealand companies shooting for the stars. 

Zenith Tecnica – Satellite manufacturing partner
Satellites must withstand crazy thermal pressures – one side can be extremely hot, while the other is freezing cold. It takes a special material to handle these extremes.

New Zealand company Zenith Tecnica are using sustainable titanium 3D printing to solve the problem. With almost zero waste in the manufacturing process, these components can withstand extreme environments.

Dawn Aerospace – Saving space junk
How do we stop satellites from crashing into each other? Christchurch-based Dawn Aerospace has designed satellite thrusters or ‘in-space propulsion’ which manoeuvre satellites once they’re already in orbit and can help avoid collisions – and avoid wasted satellites.

Kea Aerospace – Keeping an eye on the planet
We need up-to-date information about our world – as it’s changing fast. Kea Aerospace has developed a solar-powered unmanned aircraft capable of flying continuously for months. The Kea Atmos collects data in the stratosphere, providing high-resolution aerial imaging. This imagery can be used for business intelligence – such as environmental monitoring, maritime surveillance and disaster management. And while it’s up there, it has zero emissions.

Looking for somewhere committed to sustainable space exploration? We know a place.