Inside Stories Latin America Film

In this film from the Inside Stories series, we feature interviews with people sharing why Latin Americans love New Zealand.  

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In this film from the Inside Stories series, we feature interviews with people sharing why Latin Americans love New Zealand. Famous and everyday people, including film directors, winemakers, sportspeople, and innovators, share their perspective and stories about what makes New Zealand amazing.  

Wither Hills winemaker Patricia speaks about why making wine in New Zealand allows her to be creative and innovative, director and explorer David shares why his education in New Zealand changed his life, and R&D director Claudio speaks about New Zealand’s leading tech sector. 
From our talented people and unique way of thinking, to our world-class food and beverages and care for people and place our films celebrate New Zealand's unique contribution to the world.
These films are for use online or at events focused on the Latin American region and are available in English, as well as Portuguese and Spanish subtitled versions. 


New Zealand already has a well-deserved reputation for outstanding natural beauty, but that's only a small part of the story. Our nation has artists, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and innovators whose stories are just as awe-inspiring as our landscapes.  

These are New Zealand's inside stories. Tales that can only be told by our people and the people that interact with us. To get a realistic picture of this country's contribution to the world, we knew we'd have to look far and wide.  We would need to talk to hundreds, if not thousands of people who have played a part in our global presence. So that is what we have done. We've interviewed immigrants, ex-pats and everyday Kiwis, speaking to everyone from school kids, to pensioners and everyone in-between. We have covered stories about food and wine, culture and innovation, business, creativity and much, much more. The stories are limitless.  

By telling many smaller stories, we can create a narrative big enough to show that New Zealand's contribution to the world is limitless and impossible to ignore.  

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