Case Studies 15 Jan 2020

Pure Pac: how FernMark puts the cherry on top for exporters

There’s a rule of business that works very well for New Zealand’s growers and exporters: if you make the world's best, you can ask for the world’s best price.

News 04 Dec 2019

Launching the New Zealand Horticulture Story

New Zealand Story and Horticulture New Zealand (HortNZ) have got together to develop the New Zealand...

Case Studies 01 Dec 2019

Whittaker’s: how putting a fern on your food can be good for business

Whittaker’s share some not-so secret-reasons for their success. In a world full of fakes and skimmers and...

Case Studies 31 Oct 2019

Port Nicholson Fisheries LP: the secret handshake for exporters

How New Zealand exporters are earning a FernMark premium for the world's best seafood.

News 11 Sep 2019

China’s top live streamer Viya selling trusted FernMark branded products

Last month, China’s top live streamer Yiya came to New Zealand to help promote a selection of trusted New...

Business Tips 21 Aug 2019

Why a new food collaboration is flying the FernMark in China

Why a new food collaboration is flying the FernMark in China. How does a household New Zealand food brand...

Business Tips 11 Jul 2019

Mexico is changing… and that’s good for New Zealand business.

A thriving and expanding middle class population within Mexico is creating more opportunities for New Zealand...

Business Tips 09 Jul 2019

New Zealand Ranked 11th in the FutureBrand Country Index

Another year, another country ranking, and another top result for New Zealand. We’ve almost become...

Case Studies 11 Jun 2019

Hustler: innovators in agritech

Hustler is a New Zealand family business that has been in operation since 1961, building its products in...