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QR Code Dashboard

24 Feb 2019

New Zealand depends on its great reputation to thrive in key export markets. So being able to authenticate and promote your country of origin gives your business a real competitive advantage in markets where provenance is a key driver in purchasing behaviour.

To leverage the high uptake and demand for QR code verification in our key markets, we give FernMark Licensees the option to include a unique QR code alongside the FernMark Licence logo. This lets consumers quickly verify your licensee status without the need to download bespoke apps. When scanned, this takes the consumer directly to your dedicated webpage, where they can confirm the authenticity of your Licensee status and licensed products.

To date, we have had over 7800 scans of FernMark QR codes on products around the globe, which shows that customers are actively seeking to authenticate the country of origin of your products. Using a secure dashboard, you can track the scanning of your products across the world, right down to the street level. In January for example, 1 in 4 consumers scanned a QR code.

We had a Q&A session with FernMark Licensee Alpha Healthcare New Zealand Limited to find out about their take on QR codes.

Q1: Why are QR codes so popular in markets such as China?

Due to the widespread use of mobile Apps like WeChat in China, the use of QR codes is now a part of people's everyday lives. 

Q2: What are the benefits of using QR codes on packaging?

Consumers can easily use their smartphone to scan the QR code on the packaging to get to know everything about the product. It allows companies to communicate the message they want consumers to understand. 

Q3: As you know, the FernMark Programme comes with an optional QR code to authenticate country of origin. Alpha uses the FernMark QR code on its packaging. Why did you decide to put the FernMark QR code on your packaging?

Often the product is the first contact point that Alpha has with consumers. That is why the packaging is so important and why we decided to use the FernMark QR code on our packaging. Consumers can quickly learn who Alpha is and then authenticate the country of origin of the Alpha products.  

Q4: According to our dashboard, Alpha’s QR code has been scanned 429 times taking consumers straight to your licensee product page. Scans have come from China, USA, Australia and NZ. What added benefit do you believe the QR code provides to the FernMark logo?

It allows consumers to have direct access to our licensee product page and learn more about Alpha products and the FernMark Programme. It also saves our customers the hassle of - "googling it".

Q5: Do you have multiple QR codes on your packaging, and have you found any issues with this? 

We do have some products that have multiple QR codes on the packaging and we haven't found any issue with that. I think the key is to state below the QR code what it links to. 

If you would like you access your dashboard and acquire your unique username and password, please contact Lynette Poulton.