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Looking for a dynamic market to invest in? It's closer than you think.

18 Apr 2018
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New Zealand is a very attractive place for global investment.  As well as having a great range of opportunities for overseas investors, New Zealand also has the perfect mix of elements to capitalise on them.

Our progressive nation is built on a fierce appreciation of the land that inspires us, and our desire to deliver sustainable solutions for future generations. Our success is grounded in our values and there is an opportunity to build businesses that are not just good for New Zealand but are good for the world.

To help spread the word, NZ Story Group has created a range of tailor-made marketing resources focusing on reasons to invest in New Zealand. These valuable marketing resources were specifically designed to tell the world that New Zealand is open for business and has many investment opportunities. These new tools will enable both NZ Government agencies and NZ businesses to use consistent and compelling content when pitching for offshore investment.

We collaborated with NZTE, MBIE and Deloitte, and spoke to a range of investors and investment experts from different industry sectors and markets. This rigorous development process, led by Deloitte, helped us really get under the skin of ‘why’ investors should invest in New Zealand. Knowing what sets us apart is crucial to making sure we present ourselves in the right way.

The NZ Investment Story marketing resources include:

  • An investment guide, tailored to offshore investors.
  • Investment PowerPoint slides that provide a ‘why invest in NZ’ chapter to be used as part of investment pitch presentations.
  • Additional infographics to support your pitch.

We are confident the NZ Investment Story will be a valuable resource for New Zealand government agencies and Kiwi businesses working to enhance our international reputation as an exciting market for investment.

These resources are ideal for any agency or company pitching for offshore investment and will help to establish New Zealand’s value and points of difference in international markets. The NZ Investment Story will also complement any regional, sector or business specific content already developed or in development.