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Meet The Storyteller: Parrot Analytics

29 May 2017
Parrot Analytics New Zealand Story

Parrot Analytics is the data science company behind the first Creative Collective video . Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Dil Khosa, the company’s Operations Manager, who shared some insights into the Creative Collective experience and the company’s journey so far.

What is Parrot Analytics? 

Parrot Analytics is a data science company that empowers media & entertainment companies, brands and agencies to understand global audience demand for television content. We have both the world’s largest audience behaviour data sets and the industry’s leading artificial intelligence platform. Those have helped us develop the only global, cross-platform, country-specific audience demand measurement system. 

Our mission is to connect content creators and consumers by enabling data-driven decisions across the industry. So we work with some of the world’s most renowned brands who use our content demand measurement to drive decisions across the content development lifecycle, from investment and production decisions to distribution and licensing negotiations.

Where did the inspiration come from?

The company was really formed to be a solution to a problem we foresaw happening among TV audiences. Audiences and fans were being fragmented across multiple devices and platforms, which was making audience measurement tools less representative of audiences in today’s digital world. Our solution was to help inform TV content-related decisions along the entire content value chain, using big data and data science technologies. We’re the only company in the world that provides measureable audience demand for a specific piece of TV content. 

What does being from and of New Zealand mean to your development and success?

New Zealand has always been known to be innovative in very niche areas of technology and a lot of persistence and resilience in building products and taking them to the world. 

The country has had some very supportive initiatives which are enabling our start-ups, change makers, and creative ideas to be brought to the world. Whether that’s through investment via government grants, expert advice, global networking, or the collective effort of the ecosystem, it has certainly helped influence our company and given it the foundation to go off and compete internationally. 

As a New Zealand hi-tech start-up, we’ve witnessed first-hand the benefits of a cohesive, supportive innovation ecosystem. It has enabled our ground-breaking technologies to make an impact on a global stage. 

Can you give an example of that advantage?

Being from New Zealand, we're forced to think global from day one, gaining clients from the US (Hollywood), UK, Europe, and even Brazil. Through the support of our local angel investment community, Government grant funding and global networks, we’ve been able to bring our ‘Kiwi’ solution to the world. Doing that meant we were able to expand our local R&D team – bringing a multicultural team with diverse skillsets in Big Data & Data Science to the country.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to team?

In terms of our people, I would say that we are heavily influenced by New Zealand culture while incorporating best HR practices from companies such as Google. We place a strong emphasis on our shared values which drive everything we do – from company strategy to HR practices (we tend to call those ‘People Operations’). Our People Operations is based on the following two premises:

  1. We deeply care about our employees and want them to succeed in their roles and careers.
  2. We use data and key metrics to measure everything across our teams, from their productivity and happiness to workplace satisfaction and leadership.

We are building our People Operations to acquire the best talent, build the best culture, develop the best team in the world at what they do and create a highly productive and results-driven team. 

What does Creative Collective Co-investment mean for your business?

It has certainly allowed us to focus our funds and resources on growth, both in terms of sales and also customer success. The video, the output of this co-investment, will go a long way in helping us share what we do with the world and attracting world class talent to come and work with us in our NZ hub.

What’s it been like working with 90 Seconds?

It was amazing! We really enjoyed working with 90 Seconds for several reasons:

  1. The connection and relatability with 90 seconds, who are another Kiwi start up going global.
  2. Their team was so easy to work with, from start to finish.
  3. We really loved the creative aspects – combining our vision with their expertise in video production.
  4. They really are experts at video production, helping guide our script and video scenes. That gave us confidence in the story and angle (what makes NZ a great place to work on a globally-focused company).