How to craft your business's New Zealand story

22 May 2015
By Rebecca Smith

Why tell your New Zealand story?

Storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool for communicating the unique value your business can offer customers. As a New Zealand business, part of this unique value comes from the distinct and unique attributes of your New Zealandness. Telling your New Zealand story helps to: 

• Establish with your customers who you are, where you are from and what that means to them
• Leverage the unique value of your New Zealandness
• Build a deeper connection with customers beyond a pure transactional relationship
• Differentiate your business in a competitive global marketplace
• Connect your business story with the country narrative being promoted by the New Zealand government 

So how do you craft your New Zealand story? 

The chapters of the New Zealand Story, Open Spaces, Open Hearts and Open Minds; provide the ideal framework for unpacking the value of your New Zealandness and crafting your own unique NZ Story. The simplest way is to ask yourself questions within the three chapters and use the answers to tell your unique story. Once you have your New Zealand story you can apply the free imagery, videos, infographics and other assets from the toolkit to bring it alive. 

1. Open Spaces
•How does New Zealand’s natural landscape and pure resources add to your business?
•How is the concept of Kaitiaki important in your business?

2. Open Hearts
•How do the people working in your business add to the value you offer your customers? e.g. your way of doing business, your integrity, honesty and reliability?

3. Open Minds
•How does the resourcefulness and innovation in your business add unique value to your customers?
•What are the most significant examples of innovation in your business?