News 08 Jul 2021

New Zealand Story Appoints New CEO

We're delighted to announce the appointment of David Downs as CEO of New Zealand Story.

News 16 Mar 2021

Launching the New Zealand Dairy Story

New Zealand is a great source of dairy for a sustainable diet. With our natural advantages and unique...

News 02 Dec 2020

Promoting Our Kiwi Ingenuity

Showing off isn’t in the Kiwi DNA, but sometimes there is a time and place to spin a good yarn about the...

News 15 Nov 2020

Promoting New Zealand’s Ingenuity story on the world stage

The Ingenious Together films feature interviews with famous and not so famous people, including actors...

News 23 Sep 2020

MADE WITH CARE: Sharing our Food and Beverage stories with the world

MADE WITH CARE is a global campaign designed to grow awareness, preference and demand for New Zealand food...

News 23 Sep 2020

There’s never been a better time to leverage your connection to New Zealand

Consumer trust and safety are important considerations right now around the world. With New Zealand products...

News 22 Sep 2020

How and where we are protecting the FernMark and enhancing it’s value

When you became a FernMark Licensee, you aligned your brand and products with our national brand – the...

News 05 Aug 2020

A storytelling boost for our beekeepers and honey sector

Today’s conscious consumer is increasingly mindful of the products they purchase and consume, and honey is no...

News 10 Jun 2020

Share your natural health products story with the world

Sometimes singing from the same hymn sheet is all an industry needs to build a reputation that’s solid and...