Made With Care
Made With Care
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MADE WITH CARE is a global campaign designed to grow awareness, preference and demand for New Zealand food and beverage products. Managed by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE), driven by consumer insights and backed by significant investment, the campaign aims to build a foundation of value for New Zealand products that individual businesses can leverage through campaign initiatives and their own sales and marketing efforts.

To help amplify this campaign a ‘ready to use toolkit’ has been created for New Zealand exporters to use. This user guide contains links to all the images, copy, graphics and design files that are available for your use. We encourage you to explore the toolkit to create your own marketing campaign and leverage the campaign across all export markets.

Campaign Stamp

We have created this campaign stamp to give visual connection and consistency across all parts of the campaign – and we encourage all eligible exporters to use it too! Use the stamp across your digital content, retail promotions and marketing collateral. The stamp is also available in 13 different languages (please note, the stamp cannot be used on product packaging).

Video Stories

We have hero videos for you to download and share to showcase what makes New Zealand food and beverage so outstanding and the care shown by our people that sets us apart. Plus we have sub-sector videos that provide an overview and introduction of your sector for you to share with your customers and distributors. Choose from honey, dairy, seafood, beef and lamb, wine, and produce. Many of the videos have subtitles too.

Showcasing Food & Beverage from New Zealand
Showcasing New Zealand Beef & Lamb
Showcasing New Zealand Wine
Showcasing New Zealand Dairy
Showcasing New Zealand Seafood
Showcasing New Zealand Produce
Showcasing New Zealand Honey
Royalty-free Images

Select from nearly 100 royalty-free images to supplement your own marketing collateral, presentations, social media or website. All the images tagged ‘Made with Care’ have worldwide paid media usage rights and free for you to use. For all other images, check the licence terms for usage.

Ready-to-share Social Tiles

If you’re looking to leverage the campaign via social media, you can use our ready-to-share social tiles to amplify the campaign and its messaging through your channels. We have 16 tiles for you to choose from, each available in multiple dimensions to cover all social channels. Simply download the ones that support your brand, add your copy and post on your owned channels using #NZMadeWithCare.

Social Tile Templates

If you’re wanting to create your own social tiles we have created an InDesign template for you to use. Simply populate with your own image, headline, logo and brand colours. The artwork files are available in multiple sizes to ensure all social channels are catered for. Remember to include #NZMadeWithCare and we’ll look to repost on our channels.

Campaign Messages

Our recent food and beverage market research shows that consumers are looking for safe, nutritious and premium quality food and beverage that is ethically produced and tastes good too. New Zealand’s combination of exceptional natural resources and experienced food producers perfectly positions us to meet the needs of consumers. Use this document to help you create messaging that speaks to these key consumer needs/benefits to supplement your own product messages.


Use infographics as proof points to support your brand or to add a layer of evidence to your marketing collateral. Infographics are great to include in pitch documents too to help build your brand’s credibility.

Retail Promotions

If you’re planning a retail promotion or trade show, we have a number of examples of how Made With Care can be used to help promote your product in-market. From shelf wobblers to trade stands, digital banners and promotional merchandise, see here for ideas on amplifying your campaign message.

Campaign Toolkit

At a time when many of our us can’t be in-market it’s even more important to educate our distributors on the New Zealand food and beverage story. Use the Campaign toolkit to help share our story and encourage them to use the assets when promoting a New Zealand food and beverage brand.