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This Kōpū brings together a suite of resources, consisting of a hero film, six theme based regional stories, and a mythbuster. Plus perception research to give you insights into how New Zealand is perceived by Japanese consumers and buyers.

These resources are designed to help shift Japanese perceptions of New Zealand to drive consideration of New Zealand as a place to live, work, study, or invest.

Japan Perception Research

The land of the rising sun is one of our major trading partners and the chance of future growth is huge. New Zealand Story commissioned a comprehensive country perception research study called ‘Through the Japan Looking Glass’. Download this presentation to discover the existing perceptions the Japanese have of New Zealand. 

Inside Stories Japan Film

Let Japan sporting celebrity Fumiaki Tanaka and chef Katsuya Ogawa introduce New Zealand at your next pitch, presentation or on social media. This film series showcases influential Japan businesses and local celebrities sharing their views on why they love New Zealand. One minute and three-minute versions of the film are available in English and Japanese Subtitles.

Japan Regional Stories

Informed by perception research, this series of short stories focuses on themes that will help change Japanese perceptions of New Zealand. These stories can be picked up and used in everything from social media to events. 

Japan Short Story Education
Japan Short Story Sustainability
Japan Short Story Food and Beverage
Japan Short Story Inclusion
Japan Short Story Creativity
Japan Short Story Agri Tech

We are setting the record straight on a common misconception that Japanese consumers and buyers hold about New Zealand.