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Grove Avocado Oil - Plenty of good oil

27 Apr 2018
By Sarah Morgan
Grove Avocado oil

New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty is renowned for its beautiful beaches, and stunning climate. It’s also home to New Zealand’s only off-shore active volcano, White Island.

That could be alarming to some people – but locals prefer to see the upside. The nutrient-rich, volcanic soil makes Bay of Plenty one of the best places in the world to grow avocados.

One group of enthusiastic avocado orchardists realised the fruit’s potential beyond simply the creamy, nutritious flesh. Concerned with reducing waste from the number of avocados that weren’t export grade, the group of Bay of Plenty locals explored alternate uses. The result: Grove Avocado Oil, a 100% pure, extra-virgin, unrefined and cold-pressed oil.

Fast-forward 18 years and Grove is one of the world’s premium avocado oils, exported to more than 20 countries – all grown from classic Kiwi ingenuity, rooted in sustainable practices.

Avocado oil is a great way to enjoy the health benefits of the versatile avocado, which are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals. It’s widely sought after. Grove Avocado Oil receives enquiries from all around the world, primarily by word of mouth.

Helping Grove Avocado Oil spread the word of its unique New Zealand story off-shore is the FernMark. Kay Kirkbride, in charge of Grove Avocado Oil’s international sales, explains the FernMark is an essential part of their product marketing.

It’s a tick of approval from the New Zealand Government showing suppliers and consumers we’re credible – and it also gives us a greater connection to New Zealand’s reputation, which is priceless.

“New Zealand is renowned for its commitment to producing the best quality food products, and the fact the fern symbol is famous around the world means Grove Avocado Oil is instantly recognised as a Kiwi product and associated with all the good things our country is known for.”

Kay believes the FernMark is also a symbol for Kiwi exporters’ way of doing business. “New Zealanders are known for being honest and easy to work with because of our friendly nature. The FernMark symbolises this on our products; telling consumers we’re committed to producing the highest quality products – and we’re open for more business!

“We’re very proud of our success, as it all comes from humble beginnings. Our commitment to sustainability, quality and integrity is constant – and the FernMark helps us communicate this to the world.”