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What is the business toolkit?

The New Zealand Story business toolkit contains free professional quality resources created to help New Zealand businesses communicate their unique value to the world.

The toolkit draws on The New Zealand Story's three main chapters of Open Spaces, Open Hearts and Open Minds. What is New Zealand Story?

Why is it important?

New Zealand is renowned globally for its clean environment and farming expertise. What isn’t widely known is the competitive edge we have in other sectors thanks to the innovation and resourcefulness inherent in our businesses.

The business toolkit, and wider New Zealand Story, are designed to tell a more accurate and consistent story about New Zealand offshore, generating greater value for our exports and broadening global perceptions of our country.

How to use the toolkit

Tell your own story

Your business has its own story to tell. Whether you already have a strong brand, or are just starting out, you can use the resources in the toolkit to support your unique business proposition.

Use it how you like

You can use the toolkit resources however you like, except for with paid advertising. You might like to use the NZ Story chapters to structure your next pitch presentation or edit together your own customised NZ Story video.

Promote accurate perceptions

Help promote accurate perceptions of New Zealand offshore by showcasing the collective values of the NZ Story in your business messaging, and using the factual evidence in the Infographics section of the toolkit.

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